What our clients have to say

Thank you so much for the opportunity to have and host my online parties at your virtual studio #EventCast… State of the art I must say. From the moment I step in, you follow Covid-19 regulations to the key, to make sure we are safe and healthy. Signing in, one sanitizes, takes temperatures,  and takes record of being there.

Then proceeding to the studio, water is offered to make sure you always stay hydrated. 

From set up, to going online and live, I always have help from the technical team. They even go the extra mile, by offering feather help, as I needed a selfie stick, and they made sure I got one.

Broadcasting from EventCast has been a blessing, so much so, that a competition I ran of giveaways, was donated to Good Morning Angels – Jacaranda FM. I could not have done this without the best broadcasting and imaging that was done that evening by Event Cast. We where able to give back, and that goes beyond the brand, and goes to humanity.

Thank you EventCast for making sure that my brand as Thabiso Khambule is seen as a premium brand, by giving me the best LIVE broadcasts, every time.

Kind regards and blessings

Thabiso Khambule
Jacaranda 942

We as producers had the privilege to produce and film three separate initiatives in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic on the 5th of June 2020.
These projects include:
• Perfect Fit – A high intensity dance program, facilitated by Anika van Achterbergh
• Arts of Mind – A lecture on Arts as healing in the creative industry for visual arts. Facilitated by Hannelie Swart
• Digital theatre initiative, Written and Directed by Armand Rossouw and Actress Liza du Plessis
All of these initiatives were shot on the same day, at Event Cast Studios in Highveld park Centurion. Our experience was of the utmost professional quality. The team at Event Cast studios were friendly, accommodating and very professional. They immediately used their skills to accommodate us with our products and necessities.
This “state of the art studio” gave us the opportunity to use our creative ideas and had the right people and equipment for the different initiatives respectively. The treated us with the professional kindness necessary to create a fun and professional environment for us as producers. This immediately boiled over to the different people we brought in to record.
Event Cast is a “must” for any creative or business entity to record and distribute content digitally.
We at Imagine That! Entertainment were truly impressed and will definitely use their services again in the near future.

Phillru van Achterbergh & Charl Henning
Imagine That! Entertainment

On the 5th of June 2020 I had the opportunity to shoot one of my Dance Fitness Classes at Event Cast Studios.
What a great experience and beautiful studio, from the moment I stepped into the Studio I was treated with respect and kindness. A very good team of people were at hand to help me with all the different requirements. The studio is very well equipped and has the professional feel that goes with it.
The team at Event Cast immediately jumped into action to prepare the studio and it all went so smooth from the start to the end. I was very impressed with the LED Back wall, the lights and professional feel and I believe that will give me the edge on the competition.
I can’t wait to shoot more fitness videos at Event Cast.
“What a great professional studio with the best technology and friendly staff, I loved it.”

Anika van Achterbergh
Dancer and Actress, Perfect Fit Fitness Club

I had the privileged to record a promotional video at the company Event Cast, based in Centurion. From entering the studio, the experience was professional, friendly and inviting. The experience in the studio with state of the art equipment and highly trained and experienced technical staff was proficient and their expert advice appreciated. I will definitely use the studio again for all further professional videos needed in future.

Hannelie Swart

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• Highly Specialised and Experienced Crew

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