So what makes EventCast different....

Information Technology!

Private CDN and Redundant 100mbps Broadcast Fibre Connection

Our Private Content Distribution Network, and Redundant 100mbps BROADCAST Fibre connection offer a guaranteed, unbuffered stream to your viewers online.

We offer the ability for LIVE interaction with the viewers, similar to a TV Newsroom Broadcast, streamed over any platform of your choice, including MS Teams, Webex, Zoom, Youtube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Professionally Designed, Acoustically Treated Studio

Our professionally designed, and acoustically treated studio is laid out as a blank canvas, to give flexibility to whatever you need on Stage.

A high resolution 2.9mm LED Screen forms the backdrop of the Studio (Stage), and can be loaded with ANY creative content. The Studio then acts as a professional anchor point, to stream your event LIVE to guests anywhere around the globe.

Highly Specialised and Experienced Crew

Our highly specialised and experienced crew and design team will make your online event “look and feel” like a professional TV Broadcast.

We can pre-record content, Speeches and Presentations to be played back as part of a Live Production, or, for those who are not entirely comfortable in front of a Live Video Camera, we can even record the entire event and do a playback AS a Live Events.

"A truly disruptive Technology not only changes the way people think, but also the way they operate.”

Your safety is our concern…

At EVENTCAST, we strictly adhere to all the Covid-19 safety regulations… from temperature checks, health questioners, masks, overall sanitisation and especially social distancing during production.

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